Wanna be in our gang? Here’s how to get involved

Good With Money is one of the fastest growing new personal finance websites in the UK.

Our traffic, newsletter subscribers, followers and likers have been growing organically and quickly since we launched the site at the end of October 2015.

There seems to be genuine demand for more information on responsible money, whatever form it takes… thank goodness for that!

If you like what we are up to and want to get involved, read on.

If you are a financial services company (or related) that works hard on its environmental and social contribution as much as profitability, we want to hear from you.

For favicon GOOD companies

Good With Money offers home page, blog, newsletter and category channel advertising slots for companies that share our values and vision.

It also offers the opportunity to sponsor unique, insightful and entertaining guides, blogs and videos on important personal finance subjects, always with an emphasis on values as well as value.

We are open to running social media promotions and press campaigns alongside mission-driven businesses that don’t necessarily have to be in financial services too.

But don’t let all that stop you getting creative.

If you have an idea for something we could work on together, drop us a note.

And of course, there are plans for even more.

Please get in touch with jessica@good-with-money.com for more information and rates.

For favicon GOOD contributors

If you have something to say and you think GWM is a good place to say it, get in touch. We pay £75 per blog.

Here is our list of regular content slots to get you thinking:

  • Listicles. We want practical and pithy 800-word ish lists that narrow down some options on how people can be good with money, whether that’s the top 5 ethical crowdfunds, or 3 savings accounts with high rates and high morals. Well-researched, but short. Like this. And this.
  • News blogs. Something happened in good money that the world needs to know about? Then we need to cover it. If we haven’t, let us know. These blogs look like this.
  • Interview blogs. There’s a lot of people out there who know a whole more than us, we won’t lie. That’s why we interview them!
  • Topical features. Relevant and informative and stat-heavy – make us impressive at dinner parties. ie. this.
  • Smug money. It’s a column about being smug with money – observations, remonstrations, or just shit hot writing that’s loosely related. Address some issues and inspire others. For example.
  • Mind and money. Personal finance meets psychology. Behavioural finance is fascinating, insightful and potentially world changing. If you agree, or are already an expert, send ideas along these lines.
  • Little stars. Know someone who is REALLY good with money already? Think they are an inspiration? Is it you? We have five stock questions that require answers from the world’s little money stars.
  • Guides. These are serious pieces of research designed to deliver a definitive and comprehensive look at the goodness in a particular area of financial services, whether that’s investment, savings, energy or banking. This was our most recent.
  • Coming soon…… webinars and events.

Get in touch with Becky rebecca@good-with-money.com or Lisa lisa@good-with-money.com with your ideas.