Why be good with money?


There is stuff out there to teach us how to save money.

There is stuff to teach us how to make it.

But until now, there hasn’t been much stuff telling us how to do either of those things in a way we can be proud of.

And whether you know it or not, your money is probably being used to support some activities you wouldn’t support yourself right now… whether that is coal burning or arms manufacturing.

This website has been created to help you be good with your money, without unknowingly harming the rest of the world.



Because making financial decisions that also have a positive impact doesn’t mean you have to lose out personally.

The responsible finance universe has matured enough so that now, impact funds regularly outperform the mainstream and ethical current accounts, savings and insurance are routinely competitive with standard deals.

But we are ethical with a small “e”. Because ethics are subjective – and in a world where it is hard to be perfect, what is most important is to try.

Like others in the industry, we prefer to talk about positive impact rather than ethics, because that’s arguably easier to measure and agree on.

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And those that have gone even further and have a Good Egg mark – a positive impact badge – to their name.

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